Imposter Syndrome affects even the most successful women. It shows up in myriad ways to keep us second guessing, stuck behind our desk, unable to take empowered action. This 3 part class will help you identify how Imposter Syndrome shows up in your mind and gives you actionable steps to begin

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  Overcome Your Imposter - 3 Park Workshop
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Hi, I’m Amber Rose! 

I'm so glad we have found each other!

I help ambition women diffuse destructive thoughts, habits, and emotions so they can master confident communication and claim massive success in their business and beyond!

How you communicate to yourself is how you communicate to the world. Every aspect of your success is influenced by how you think, speak, engage, and represent.

If you're looking for growth, promotion, scale, and possibility, having your mind performing with confidence is essential, and the Confidence Column can show you how. ​

I can't wait to connect with you!  xo Amber Rose

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Day One - Mind

To begin, we'll identify how Imposter Syndrome especially affects You. When it shows up, what it sounds like, and how it affects you.

Day Two - Meaning

Once we've identified your imposter thoughts, we'll dive deeper into that they mean and how they stall your work.

Day Three - Movement

After Identifying your imposters and understanding better what they are attempting to do, you'll learn how to loosen their grip and begin to make Movement past them to have a more productive work flow.